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MSL is a global public relations, and integrated communications network that achieves objective-oriented results for businesses, brands, and institutions through a repertoire of skills. We are experts in crisis management, risk prevention and strategic intelligence. As part of Publicis Groupe family/network, we have 107 offices in 40 countries, equipped with a team of over 3,000 seasoned specialists.

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Crisis Management

In a communications landscape where crises can have global, social and viral implications, the before, during, and after stages are key on how brands and corporate institutions handle crises. We navigate through all these stages by identifying risks and sensitivities (before); a real time monitoring mechanism, strategic diagnosis, and 24x7 assistance (during); we also work with recovering and sustaining reputation (after), thereby assuring that the correct message reaches the appropriate audience.

Reputation Management and Corporate Communication

With frameworks and expertise that allows us to think globally and act locally, we offer our services to a variety of market segments, economic sectors and relationship networks. We are able to reach a diverse set of audiences in order to affect brand perception and corporate reputation in a strategically sound and sustainable manner.

Relationship Management with Opinion Leaders and Influencers

We are seasoned in not only the construction, but also the maintenance of strategic relationships with thought leaders, from journalists to community leaders. We are able to identify and segment media, develop and disseminate messages and follow their progress through monitoring and analysis.

Content Creation

Companies are, potentially, powerful sources of content. Coupled with an inherent understanding of our clients’ industry and business goals, we act as strategic curators who extract and use corporate information; so to deliver it in the most appropriate and engaging format to the adequate channel and intended audience.


As storytelling experts armed with consumer experience, we collaborate with our clients in developing, managing and sustaining their brand position with their target audiences. Supported and driven by data, we produce meaningful and relevant insights that are echoed in our influence driven actions Influence2Impact   Influence2Impact is a MSL Andreoli proprietary tool based on gamification to optimize the relationship between brands and digital influencers, without resorting to financial incentives.

Social Purpose and Sustainability

Businesses are increasingly being expected to expand their value proposition by exercising their social purpose. We help our clients to build and cross a bridge that connects all their stakeholders to give back to the communities they operate in.

Insights, Planning /Analytics

Our team’s expertise, combined with our global platform of trends and insights, as well as our tools and Publicis Groupe’s data analytics capabilities ensure to our clients access to state of art resources when it comes to strategic communications.

Digital and Social Media

We fuse content with an ingrained knowledge about user experience to implement strategic action that is capable of reaching audiences with precision- in the right time and place- to ultimately optimize engagement.  
Conversation2Commerce is a MSL Group proprietary performance platform, that turns pieces of earned media content into programmatic media assets, raising the message´s reach and directing its delivery with surgical precision.

Internal Communication

A company’s employees are the ambassadors of a brand, its mission and core values. We help our clients engage with an audience who is key to meeting strategic and organizational goals, by devising and executing strategic and creative initiatives that inform and inspire the internal audience, aiding in talent recruitment and retention, as well as in motivating and enhance the sense of team purpose.


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